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NPR Uses The Wrong Picture While Reporting On Maria Taylor


It was just another day on Twitter until people started to notice something strange about a tweet from NPR. The news outlet had used a picture of CNN commentator and sportscaster Maria Taylor instead of the one they were supposed to use for their report on her. Needless to say, people were quick to call them out on it.

The error was quickly fixed, but not before people had taken screenshots and shared them far and wide. It’s hard to say how this happened, but it’s clear that someone at NPR needs to do a better job of fact-checking in the future.

This isn’t the first time that NPR has made a mistake on Twitter. Just last month, they misspelled the name of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in a tweet about his confirmation hearing. And in 2017, they accidentally included profanity in a tweet about then-President Trump.

At least this time they didn’t use an offensive word or make a political gaffe. But still, getting Maria Taylor’s name and picture wrong is pretty embarrassing. Let’s hope they can learn from this mistake and do better next time.

Maria Taylor Reaction

When Maria Taylor saw the tweet, she seemed more amused than anything else. She retweeted it with a laughing emoji and simply said, “Well this is awkward.” It’s good to see that she can laugh about it, because we’re sure NPR is cringing right now.

This whole incident just goes to show that even major news outlets can make mistakes. We all need to be careful about the information we share, and make sure that we’re getting our facts straight. In the age of fake news, it’s more important than ever to be diligent about checking our sources. Hopefully, this will be a lesson that everyone can learn from.

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